My Novels

I write traditional Regency romance. However, the novels deal with dark themes and feature plenty of romantic and, yes, sexual tension. However, none of the romance is blush-inducing, and is therefore suitable for anyone who may be alarmed by the sudden appearance of graphic amorous congress.

I am currently shopping three unpublished Regency romance manuscripts: Finding Wychwood, Rules of the Game, and The Memory of Blue. I have a fourth manuscript in progress: Fair-Weather Enemies.

The Memory of Blue

When Yorkshire lighthouse keeper Hannah Cotton rescues Arthur Selkirk from a storm-tossed nightime sea, the two enjoy a magical night of conversation in a seaside grotto. They part in darkness while withholding significant secrets from one another. Arthur does not disclose that he is a young baron making a name in Parliament. Hannah, on the other hand, does not admit to being blind since childhood, fearful of earning unwanted pity from the only man who has shown her amorous interest.

Unable to dismiss Hannah from his thoughts, Arthur returns to Yorkshire in search of the elusive woman who plucked him from the sea. Meanwhile, Hannah walks an emotional tightrope, suffering the abuse of her heartless stepmother while guarding her secret from Arthur’s inquiries. The eventual revelation of their mutual secrets sets in motion a dizzying series of events that lead Hannah into the lion’s den of London society and put Arthur’s fragile family reputation at risk. However, none of society’s arrows compare to the machinations of those intent on destroying the budding relationship – actions that promise to crush Arthur and put Hannah’s very life at risk.

The Memory of Blue is a Regency era tale of triumph over tragedy, the surprise of unexpected love, and the profound nature of true sight.

Finding Wychwood

When gregarious Andrew and haughty Judith meet in disguise at a masquerade ball, mayhem ensues. Initial attraction quickly devolves into a sharp battle of wits and a highly public clash that sends the two apart in humiliation without learning one another’s identity. Afterward, life events conspire to shatter Andrew and Judith’s well-maintained facades. The horror of war and an unforgivable act leave Andrew wracked with guilt, while Judith’s cousin visits tragedy on her family and trauma on her spirit through an attempt to obtain the rights to her father’s barony.

When Judith hides from her cousin by taking refuge at the country estate of the Earl of Wychwood while masquerading as a domestic servant, she learns too late that her employer is the maddening man from the masquerade ball. Judith’s attempt at anonymity fails as a relationship slowly grows between her and the unsuspecting Andrew – not with a flash of fire and passion, but rather a mutual recognition by wounded souls of one another’s hurt.  As the two engage in an intricate dance of secrecy, probing, and awakening feelings, questions plague the budding rapport. What action did Andrew take in France that left him so broken by guilt? Will Judith’s cousin succeed in completing her destruction? Can the two move past secrecy and master-servant impropriety to learn the truth of one another’s pasts?

Beneath the arc of unraveling intrigue, Finding Wychwood is a proper Regency era love story about the errancy of false impressions, the humility of self-sacrifice, and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds.

Rules of the Game

After a robbery gone bad kills her father, Lucy is raised by a dapper highwayman in remote Dartmoor. Meanwhile, Henry is the disinherited second son of an earl relegated to chasing highwaymen with the Bow Street Horse Patrol. When a spectacular heist throws Lucy and Henry together, the open animosity between the two causes sparks to fly.

When Henry learns that Lucy is the missing granddaughter of a duchess, rather than sending her to the gallows, he returns her to the grandmother. There, Henry learns that to save the dukedom, Lucy must marry a suitor with a royally-bestowed title within three months. The duchess presses a reluctant Henry into the role of preparing Lucy for the challenge. As the education in high society progresses, Lucy and Henry spar in an epic battle of wills that slowly melts the ice between them.

Their burgeoning relationship, though, faces mammoth obstacles. How can Lucy choose between crushing the duchess and falling for Henry? Will the authorities learn of her unintended role in the heist and send her to the gallows? And how will she ever measure up to a society for which she is wholly unprepared?

An unsolvable dilemma, a smoldering love story, and relentless banter drive Rules of the Game to an exciting and twist-filled conclusion.